Your Music, Our Expertise: Vinyl Quality Records Pressing

Your Music, Our Expertise: Vinyl Quality Records Pressing

Discover the world of customised vinyl like never before with our Vinyl Quality Records Pressing. We’re dedicated to crafting the perfect groove that showcases your music. With an array of sound carrier configurations and diverse packaging options, we provide a broad spectrum of choices to guarantee your vinyl record becomes a distinctive and immersive experience for your listeners.

Crafting the Perfect Groove: Customise your Vinyl Release

Our dedication to quality records pressing is evident in the wide array of formats we offer, including 7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 2×12-inch, and 3×12-inch, providing the ideal platform for your musical creativity. 

Customise your listening experience by fine-tuning the RPM speed, with options of 33 rpm or 45 rpm, depending on the length of your vinyl record. Our versatile matrix options provide unmatched flexibility, whether you choose to supply audio files, entrusting us with lacquer or DMM cutting, or provide us with a supplied lacquer. Tailored for the desires of audiophiles chasing the finest listening experience, our offerings include records in both 140g and 180g.

monotypepressing black vinyl all formats 7inch 10inch 12inch

We offer an array of colour choices to captivate your audience, including classic black, single solid colours, single transparent colours, and an exciting selection of colour effects such as splatter, marble, smoke, galaxy, sunburst, colour in colour, spinner, half-half, lucky dip, and even captivating picture discs or glow in the dark records. For artists and designers who seek enhanced possibilities, we offer both one-sided vinyl records, records with etching on one of the sides or even with full-colour UV prints.

Explore our vinyl catalogue to discover the wide range of colours and colour effects we offer.

Complete your vinyl record production with the option of printed or unprinted labels, adding a personal touch that sets your music apart. At MonotypePressing, we’re not just pressing records; we’re crafting exceptional vinyl experiences for your music and your audience!

Customise Your Vinyl Packaging: Make Your Music Stand Out

Inner sleeves

Choose from white, black, or color printed paper bags, or opt for a stylish discobag or inner bag to keep your vinyl safe and sound. Your inner sleeve selection can enhance the visual and tactile experience of your album.

monotype monotypepressing vinyl 12 inch 12" transparent crystal outersleeve innersleeve
monotypepressing gatefold outersleeve vinyl

Outer sleeves

Select the perfect outer sleeve from our vinyl album template options, such as a 3mm spine, 5mm spine, trifold, or gatefold vinyl outer sleeve. These choices not only protect your vinyl but also add an extra layer of visual appeal to your album presentation.

Get inspired by different cover versions in our vinyl gallery!


Elevate your vinyl pressing with quality records pressing inlays, multiple page booklets (sewn or glued), posters, or even postcards – that provide an opportunity to share the story behind your music. Customize the color, paper type, and finish (matte or glossy) to create a complete package that reflects your artistic vision.

monotype monotypepressing vinyl 12 inch 12" solid colour violet outersleeve unleashed across the open sea

After you select the type of packaging, it’s time to dive into more details. For printed vinyl outer sleeve, whether it’s a standard record cover, gatefold, or trifold, printed on the coated side, choose from our finishing options: matte or glossy machine varnish or foil lamination. If you prefer a textured feel, opt for printing on the reverse (uncoated side of the cardboard), or inquire about our kraft cardboard options. Later on, customize your sleeve with additional printing options such as hot stamping (hot foiling), UV spot varnish, embossing, debossing, special Pantones, as well as die-cut elements. Opt for inner flood (4/1) or even 4/4 print to make your sleeve stand out also from the inside. Enhance the visual appeal by adding an obi strip with your design to catch the eye of collectors or a custom slipcase or box sets for multiple LPs.

At MonotypePressing, we understand the importance of both the audio and visual aspects of your vinyl record. Our vinyl packaging options offer you the flexibility to create a unique and immersive experience for your listeners. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, minimalistic look or a bold and artistic design, our vinyl packaging solutions have got you covered. Let’s make your music not just heard but also seen and felt.

Vinyl Perfection: Choose Additional Options for Your Quality Records Pressing

Enhance your record pressing with a range of customisable options that guarantee the perfect touch for your musical masterpiece. Personalise your vinyl with stickers that feature your unique branding, album artwork, or a special design, adding a distinctive flair to your records. Ensure the highest sound quality with our test pressings, allowing you to fine-tune your music before the final production run. Make your vinyl retail-ready and easily trackable by including barcodes on your labels or packaging. For precision in your album’s artwork and design, take advantage of our printed proof option to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.

At MonotypePressing, we offer these versatile add-ons to help you create a vinyl record that not only sounds exceptional but also looks and feels truly extraordinary. Include additional options directly within the configurator when placing your order, or request them from our Additional Options list.

Ready To Start Your Personalized Vinyl Experience Today?

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Utilise our configuration tool to choose your preferred options for your own Vinyl Quality Records Pressing, and receive an instant, accurate price estimate. Let’s bring your music to life in a way that not only sounds exceptional but also looks and feels truly extraordinary.