Opprobrium “Serpent Temptation” 3 Cassette Box – deluxe edition of classic death/thrash metal

monotypepressing opprobrium unboxing cassette box

Opprobrium, formerly known as Incubus, is an American death metal band hailing from Metairie, Louisiana. Founded in 1986 by brothers Francis and Moyses Howard, natives of Rio de Janeiro who later settled in New Orleans, the band originally featured bassist and lead vocalist Scot Latour. Their 1987 demo, “Supernatural Death,” caught the attention of Brutal Records, leading to their official debut album, “Serpent Temptation,” in 1988. After LaTour’s departure, Francis took over vocal duties. Signing with Nuclear Blast in 1990, they released “Beyond the Unknown” before disbanding in 1991. After a ten-year hiatus, they returned, compelled to change their name to avoid confusion with another emerging band, Incubus from California.

In 2023, a deluxe edition of “Serpent Temptation” was released by High Roller Records under the exclusive license from the band itself. MonotypePressing is proud to have been working on the 3 cassette tapes box version.

The release includes:

  • 3 pad printed, white screwed cassettes in MC boxes with J-cards:
    • Original 1988 album
    • Supernatural Death demo (10 tracks)
    • Live in New Orleans 1987 (11 tracks, soundboard)
  • 20 pages booklet, 105 x 210 mm on 200/130 gsm paper
  • 2 posters, 300×300 mm, printed on 130 gsm paper
  • All housed in a casewrapped, hardcover box.
monotypepressing uv cassette

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