How to release music as a DIY artist? Tips & tricks!

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Are you a DIY musician ready to share your passion with the world? In today’s digital age, independent artists have more opportunities than ever to release music and build a dedicated fan base. Whether you’re planning a new music release, considering a physical release (CD, Vinyl or Cassette), or streaming platforms, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the tips and tricks you need to succeed as a DIY artist. We’ll explore various aspects of the music release process, from music production and mastering to promotion and distribution.

Experience The Rise of DIY Musicians – Release music independently

In recent years, the music industry has witnessed a significant shift in power from major labels to independent artists. DIY artists now have access to affordable recording and production tools, enabling them to produce high-quality music from the comfort of their homes. With this newfound freedom comes the challenge of self-promotion, distribution, and managing every aspect of your music career. Moreover, many DIY musicians are taking control of the physical pressing of their music, whether it’s CD, vinyl, or cassette, allowing them to have a hands-on approach to their music’s tangible manifestation. This trend empowers artists to not only create their music but also handle the entire production process, from start to finish.

1. Music Production: Crafting, Blending, and Perfecting Your Sound

Let’s kick things off by delving into the heart of it all—music production—before we get into the nitty-gritty of unleashing your tunes. As a DIY artist, you have the creative freedom to experiment and fine-tune your sound. Here are some tips to consider:

Creating a Home Studio

Setting up a home studio doesn’t have to break the bank. You can start with a good-quality microphone, headphones, and digital audio workstation (DAW) software.

Recording Your Music

Take your time when recording your tracks. Unless you’re creating pure electronic music, experiment with different microphone placements and room acoustics to achieve the desired sound.

Mixing and EQ

Learn the basics of mixing and equalization to balance the different elements in your song. There are many online tutorials and courses to help you get started.


Once your tracks are mixed, consider professional mastering. A well-mastered track can make a significant difference in the final sound quality.

→ Pro tip: Consider the format in which you will release your music when sending it out for mastering. Mastering for vinyl and digital releases generally requires separate masters (even though the processing can be similar) to ensure that tracks sound proper when played.

2. From Vinyl to Streaming: Physical vs. Digital Music Release

After you’ve dedicated time to meticulously crafting and perfecting your sound, a significant decision emerges: Physical or Digital? The critical juncture of selecting between tangible formats such as vinyl, CD, or cassette and the expansive realm of digital releases unfolds before you. Dive into our captivating blog post, “The Digital Era vs. Physical Media: Did Streaming Kill the Music Industry?” where we unveil a surprising resurgence of vinyl records, CDs, and even audio cassettes.

Choosing in which format to release music is a critical decision, so let’s explore physical media formats versus digital releases:

Vinyl Revival: Sensory Elegance

The resurgence of vinyl is a testament to its timeless appeal. Vinyl releases offer a tangible connection to your music. The large format allows for stunning album artwork, creating a complete sensory experience for your audience.

Explore our colourful vinyl gallery for inspiration or browse our vinyl catalogue showcasing a spectrum of vinyl colour possibilities.

monotype monotypepressing vinyl 12 inch 12" transparent crystal outersleeve
monotype monotypepressing vinyl 12 inch 12" sunburst outersleeve khirki
180g vinyl with solid gold with clear red sunburst effect and turqoise splatter
vinyl rigid box set congress splatter monotype monotypepressing congress
2-piece box set with black faux leather and gold hot stamping – vinyl with splatter colour effect
vinyl picture disc monotype monotypepressing
Vinyl picture disc with cut-out outer sleeve

→ Pro tip: When placing your vinyl record order, you have the option to select either 33⅓ or 45 RPM speed. This choice significantly influences playback quality, with records cut at higher speeds generally delivering superior sound by reducing the risk of distortion, noise, and other sonic artifacts. Keep in mind that you can opt for 45 RPM only if the duration of your audio material allows it. For instance, a 12-inch record cut at 33⅓ RPM can accommodate up to 19:30 minutes per side (with a maximum length of 23:00 minutes per side), while one cut at 45 RPM allows for 12:00 minutes per side (with a maximum length of 14:30 minutes per side).

monotype monotypepressing black cassette white pad printing djevel

Cassette: Retro Revival?

A unique niche that has made a remarkable comeback, as proclaimed by the mainstream – yet anyone interested in experimental music, extreme metal, or generally indie and alternative scenes knows they never really left. Cassettes are affordable to produce and offer a retro charm. Consider this format to reach a unique audience.

Explore our detailed cassette catalogue for a glimpse of available shell colours and on-body prints or check out our cassette gallery for more inspiration!

monotype monotypepressing transparent cassette black cmyk sticker jcard king gizzard and the lizard wizard
Clear shell cassette with paper sticker and J-CARD+1
monotype monotypepressing transparent cassette black cmyk sticker jcard
Full colour UV LED On-body print with O-CARD
monotype monotypepressing white cassette uv print
Red tampography (pad print) on a white cassette shell with clear MC Box and J-CARD

→ Pro tip: While there are no specific requirements for the audio material, and a separate master isn’t necessary for a cassette release other than what you’ve prepared for CD or digital formats, keep in mind that tape is an analog medium. Your material may sound different on cassette, for better or worse, based on your preferences. MonotypePressing provides test cassettes on request, similar to vinyl test pressings, allowing you to assess and approve your music’s sound before the full tape production.

CDs: Dynamic, Practical

Compact Discs persist as a practical and budget-friendly choice, seamlessly blending portability, rendering them perfect for local distribution and dynamic live performances.

Discover inspiration in our CD gallery or dive right into configuring your personalised CD release in our user-friendly CD/DVD configurator.

monotype monotypepressing double cd audio 6 page digisleeve booklet jazz from lithuania
monotype monotypepressing cd audio digipack gold hotstamping antiq
Gold foil hot stamping on 4-Panel Digipack cover
monotype monotypepressing cd audio 6 page digisleeve inside spine print booklet merzbow pulse demon
6-Panel Ecopack/Digisleeve cover printed black only on 300g silver-coated cardboard, double-sided insert and screen-printed CD label
cd uv spot varnish hot stamping digipack cover monotype monotypepressing club des belugas
6-Panel Digipack cover with hot stamping and UV spot

→ Pro tip: When sending your CD content for replication, use DDP format if possible. WAV files are accepted too, and we’ll convert them to DDP for a fee before creating the glass master, but remember to include CD-TEXT info with them. If you opt for WAV, make also sure the track pauses are already in the audio (MonotypePressing can add them during DDP conversion if needed, but only upon request).

Digital: Global Beats, Visual Void

The digital age has transformed music distribution, providing global reach through platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and – more popular in indie circles –  Bandcamp. While digital releases offer cost-effectiveness and instant access—becoming a staple for today’s listeners—they lack the mesmerizing artwork found in physical release formats.

3. DIY Marketing: Promoting Your Music

Promoting your music as a DIY artist requires more than just talent—it demands creativity, dedication, and a strategic approach. To help you navigate this challenging journey, we’ve compiled a set of tips that will not only enhance your music marketing efforts but also foster a strong connection with your audience:

Website: A Hub for Direct Audience Connection

Establishing a dedicated website for your music or band serves as a powerful tool to maintain direct connections with your audience and fans. Utilize this platform to keep them informed about your latest releases, upcoming shows, and exclusive merchandise drops.

→ Pro tip: Our friends at MASTERBLASTER provide a diverse range of web and digital services, ready to assist you in launching your musical journey into the online realm. Contact them in order to get an estimate for your own website project!

Social Media Engagement: Your Virtual Stage

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook serve as virtual stages for DIY artists. Engage with your audience by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, updates, and interactive content. Building a community online not only expands your reach but also creates a space for fans to connect with you and each other.

→ Pro tip: Sharing content on social media comes at no cost. Explore the use of user-friendly graphic tools such as Canva to create compelling and personalized social media posts.

Band Merchandise: Beyond the Music

In the age of digital streaming, physical releases like vinyl, CDs, and cassettes hold a special place for many music enthusiasts. Enhance the experience for your fans by adding unique band merchandise to your physical releases. T-shirts, hats, and other goodies not only provide an extra revenue stream but also cultivate a sense of loyalty among your fanbase.

merch screen printed tshirt farpoint recordings monotype monotypepressing
merch leæther strip monotype monotypepressing
merch screenprinted tshirt monotype monotypepressing

→ Pro tip: Secure your band merchandise promptly by placing your merch order alongside your vinyl, CD, or cassette release!

Live Performances: The Heart of Connection

If possible, plan live performances to connect with your fans in person. Live shows not only provide an unforgettable experience but also help build a dedicated following. Look for local showcases, bookers interested in your aesthetics, supporting touring groups, or playing in clubs you feel attached to. This should give you an opportunity to share your art, interact with fans, and sell merchandise.

Press Releases: Crafting Compelling Stories

Write captivating press releases to pitch to music blogs, magazines, fanzines or even local newspapers. Share your story, the inspiration behind your music, and any unique aspects of your journey. Media coverage can significantly amplify your reach and attract new listeners.

Collaborations and Networking: Strength in Numbers

Collaborate with other DIY musicians and artists in your genre. Cross-promotions and joint projects can introduce your music to new audiences and foster a sense of community. Networking within your musical circles opens doors to opportunities you might not have discovered on your own.

4. Money Masters: Budgeting for Your Music Release

Embarking on the exciting and creative adventure of releasing music is undeniably thrilling. However, for DIY artists, effective financial management is equally essential. Here are some refined financial tips to help steer you in the right direction:

Strategic Budgeting

Craft a comprehensive budget for your music release, encompassing production, promotion expenses, and physical releases. Consider options like pre-order sales or collaboration with DIY music labels to facilitate the release. Utilize our user-friendly configurators to calculate real-time cost estimates for your vinyl, CD, or cassette release.

Navigate Royalties

Gain a thorough understanding of how royalties operate on streaming platforms to choose only the options that will satisfy you. Additionally, explore diverse revenue streams, such selling merchandise.

Reinvestment for Growth

Harness the potential of your earnings by reinvesting in your music career. Whether it’s upgrading your equipment, enhancing your home studio, or implementing more effective music promotion strategies, consider these investments as seeds for your artistic growth.


In conclusion, to release music as a DIY artist is an exciting journey filled with creative freedom, challenges, and opportunities. As you navigate the realms of music production, choose between physical and digital releases, and embark on the adventure of self-promotion, remember that success lies not only in talent but in dedication, creativity, and strategic planning. The rise of DIY musicians marks a significant shift in the music industry’s landscape, with artists taking control of their entire creative process. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of vinyl, the practicality of CDs, the retro charm of cassettes, or the global reach of digital platforms, each choice shapes your music’s journey and connection with your audience.

Promoting your music requires a multifaceted approach, from establishing a dedicated website to engaging on social media, crafting compelling press releases, and embracing live performances. Collaborations and networking further amplify your reach, creating a sense of community that extends beyond your individual efforts. As you venture into the financial aspects of your music release, strategic budgeting, understanding royalties, and reinvesting in your art become crucial elements. Treat your earnings as seeds for artistic growth, whether it’s upgrading equipment, enhancing your studio, or refining your promotional strategies.

In the end, being a successful DIY artist is not just about releasing music; it’s about building a lasting connection with your audience, creating a community around your art, and continuously evolving on your musical journey. So, equip yourself with the knowledge, embrace the challenges, and let your passion resonate with the world. Your music, your way—may it reach new heights and captivate hearts across the globe.

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