5 Questions for … These Hands Melt

monotypepressing interview these hands melt
Please tell us about your label. What was the idea behind starting it?

These Hands Melt is a small indie label dedicated to dark & post-metal music, established early 2023 in Rome. The idea was to release music that could act as a safe space where to vent all negative emotions that everyone has to face in their life: grief, frustration, isolation. However pretty much linked to the post-metal scene, we are not specialized in one particular genre and we keep a very eclectic roster of bands and music output. That’s a conscious decision, because what matters is not the canons and clichés of a music scene, but rather what every release sets to express through lyrics, music and visuals.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in the beginning?

I had the idea of starting a label in mind since long time so I arrived at actually doing it as well prepared as I could. Even so, a lot has to be learned on the job, planning, budgets, promoting releases in a way that label remains profitable and keeps going is a huge and constant challenge in today’s overcrowded and hyper-inflated underground music market. 

What is the main factor deciding if a band/an artist is being released on your label? Is there a specific key to it?

A combination of factors must click: the band’s professional attitude first of all, which can be spotted right away since the first contact. What the band expresses with their music, their thematic concepts must resonate with the label’s vision. Their music must have a very intense emotional impact, which can be violent, angry, “metal” or not at all, that is not important. Last but not least, a band will fit THM if they have a taste for good visuals, and an aesthetic vision that goes beyond the clichés of the genre, And if that’s not the case, then the band shall be ready to trust us to give them one. Album artworks are as important as the music for THM seeks to express.

Any advice for those who would like to start their music labels?

Study, study, study. Do it out of unbreakable passion, but also get ready to work 24/7 and know how to budget carefully every tiny detail of it. Know what’s needed, have a strong vision of it, what music niche you can realistically place your work, don’t do it just to imitate what other apparently successful labels do, find your own way and make sure everything is air-tight consistent before even starting doing it.

Please recommend a few tracks from the albums you’ve released.