5 Questions for … Relative Pitch Records

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Relative Pitch Records is a NYC-based independent record label specializing in avant-garde, free jazz, free improvisation, and experimental music.

Please tell us about your label. What was the idea behind starting it?

The idea for starting the label began around 2009/2010. We knew several artists that had recordings in the can but no label to release them. We discussed starting a venue but decided a label was the way to go.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in the beginning?

The biggest challenges in the beginning were publicizing the releases. This was pre-Bandcamp and digital streaming was in its infancy. As a new label it was difficult to get reviews. We didn’t have a press list. Thanks to Phillip Greenlief and Vinny Golia for their patience. It was a steep learning curve. We had a website and tried to steer traffic to it.

What is the main factor deciding if a band/an artist is being released on your label? Is there a specific key to it?

The overwhelming factor is I have to like the music. Once I hear something that resonates with me, I go from there. If the music is not good what is the point? There are a lot of artists out there who have been working hard who have not been given a chance to make their own albums. I would like to give those artists a chance.

Any advice for those who would like to start their music labels?

Yeah, don’t. Wait for the CD to make a comeback. At least with physical media the artist can get paid for their music.

Please recommend a few tracks from the albums you’ve released.